Best Tech YouTube Chanel in India- Are you searching for top 20 tech YouTubers in India? then you are in the right place. Today I am giving you honest information about the top 21 best tech YouTube channels in India. Now YouTube India has produced millions of tech YouTuber in 2019. I will show you the top 21 best YouTubers in India. 

Top 21 Tech YouTubers in India- Today lost of YouTube channel growing so it is very difficult to find out which YouTube channel to follow. You need to follow the popular YouTube channel in India although there is a famous YouTube channel in India. Today I listed some of the top 21 Tech YouTube channels in India according to their subscriber. You can also check the top 21 highest paid YouTuber in India.

Top 20 Tech YouTube Channel in India 2019

Top 21 Most Popular YouTube Channels in India

Most Subscribe YouTube channel in India- According to the al blade, ouTube is the most visited video streaming platform in 2019. Most of the young people love to spend their time on social media especially YouTube and other videos streaming platform. Although JIO plays an import role in digital India.

Biggest YouTube Channels in India- Here is the list of Highest paid YouTube channel in India. 
  1. Technical Guruji
  2. Geekyranjit
  3. Sharamaji Technical
  4. Gadget to Use
  5. Technical Sagar
  6. C4Tech
  7. IGyaan
  8. Technical Dost
  9. Sid Talk
  10. Techno Ruhez
  11. My Smart Support
  12. Ur Indian Consumer
  13. Tryootech (Amit Mishra)
  14. Satish Kushwaha
  15. Beebom
  16. Technology Gyan
  17. Gogi Tech
  18. Tech Bar
  19. Mahatma Ji Technical
  20. Billi4You
  21. Hot to Hindi
1- Technical Guruji

Technical Guruji is a very popular YouTube channel in India having 12,555,041 subscribers across the country. Gaurav Choudhary is the founder of Technical Guruji YouTube channel. He started this channel on October 18, 2015. Technical Guruji Channel gained over 1,172,986,509 views on his channel. 

Top 10 facts about Techincal Guruji- Gaurav Chaudhary

  1. Name- Technical Guruji
  2. Founder- Gaurav Chaudhary
  3. Join- 2015
  4. Videos- 1563+
  5. Views- 1,172,986,509
  6. Language- Hindi
  7. Location- Dubai
  8. Age- 4 Years
  9. Subscriber- 12 Million
  10. Second Channel- Gaurav Chaudhary
Top 10 Unknown Facts About Technical Guruji- Gaurav Chaudhary
  • Technical Guruji Twitter- Twitter
  • Technical Guruji Wiki-  Wiki
  • Technical Guruji Website- Website
  • Technical Guruji Facebook- FB
  • Technical Guruji Income- 1200$ Monthly
  • Technical Gurji Instagram- Instagram
  • Technical Guruji Email-
  • Technical Guruji Whatsapp Number- 91955690##
  • Technical Guruji Girl Friend- 1