OSCB Banking Assistant & Assistant Manager Previous Year Question Papers

Those who are preparing for this year's OSCB exams. The question of the previous year should be looked at because the question is likely to come up this year as well as the previous one. Today we will give you some questions from the previous year.


Which number comes in the place of the question mark (?) 16, 25, 36, 49, 64, ?
A    121 B    100 C    81 D    144 E    196
 Answer: C
12.5% of 64 + 11.11% of 90 = ?
A    18 B    19 C    20 D    22 E    24
Answer: A
Monthly salaries of Pia and Som are in the respective ratio of 5: 4. Pia, from her monthly salary, gives
th to her mother. 15% towards her sister’s tuition fees, 18% towards a loan and she shops with the
remaining amount which was Rs. 2,100. What is the monthly salary of Som?
A Rs.25,000
B Rs.30.000
C Rs.15,000
D Rs.20,000
E Rs.24,000
Answer: E
Three friends J, K and Ljog around a circular stadium and complete one round in 12, 18 and 20 seconds
respectively. In how many minutes will all the three meet again at the starting point
A 5
B 8
C 12
D 3
E None of these
Answer: D
OSCB 2020-21 Previous Year Question Papers
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average increased by 2 kg What was the teacher’s weight?
A 75 kg
B 95 kg
C 78 kg
D 86 kg
E None of these
Answer: D
annum ?
A Rs 11560
B Rs 10250
C Rs 12500
D Rs 9980
E None of these
Answer: E
In a church, the first bell rings at intervals of 2 seconds, the second bell rings at intervals of 4 seconds
and so on till the fifth bell, which rings at intervals of 10 seconds. How many times do all the bells ring
together in a half-an-hour period?

A 60
B 45
C 120
D 15
E 30
Answer: D
A sum becomes 10/9 times itself in 1 yr. Find the rate of simple interest.
A 11 1/2 %
B 11 1/9%
C 12 1/2%
D 121/9%
E None of these
Answer: B
While designing interfaces (1) / for apps that will be (2) / used in developing countries, (3) / it’s better to
use explicit controls. (4) / No Error (5)
A 1
B 2
C 3
D 4
E 5
Answer: E
While refereeing the match, (1) / he failed to point out the (2) / other team had (3) / an extra member on
the ground. (4) / No Error (5)
A 1
B 2
C 3
D 4
E 5
Answer: B
. The boat tilted and _____________ within minutes and only those wearing life jackets could save themselves.
(a) entailed (b) flattered (c) capsized (d) profiteered (e) imposed
The government believes that the present slowdown, marked by five ____________ quarters of dropping growth, is merely a cyclical one.
(a) luxurious (b) successful (c) cramped (d) consecutive (e) spacious 
 Mr. Trump’s decision to call off the strike and the new red line he set for Iran could create an opportunity for such a __________.
(a) evasion (b) corruption (c) recalibration (d) exaggeration (e) desalination 
. Ending the culture of __________ that allows government vehicles and VIPs to ignore road rules will encourage the average citizen to follow them.
(a) lynching (b) impunity (c) squarely (d) capacity (e) efficiency 
In the past year alone, India has ______________ defence deals worth about $14.5 billion from Russia.

(a) justified (b) reiterated (c) motivated (d) contracted (e) globalised  

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